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WARNING: Here's What Every Insecure Person needs to know about True Self Worth...
How to overcome fear, doubt and uncertainty so you can be more bold and confident. This project is here to challenge you both mentally and physically in just 6-weeks. 
The step-by-step program for letting go of what others think of you to live more confidently so that you can make wise decisions, build stronger relationships, and tackle all aspects of your life. It's finally time you embrace who you are so you can be set free. 
"We all go through transitions in life - some are major interruptions and some are just small changes that make us want to strive towards our full potential. But how do you identify what to focus on at this point in your life? What habits and tools can you use to become your best self? How do you find your passions and overcome fear? In the Fit Freedom Project, Kaitlyn & Jonathon Cookle will help you answer life’s big questions, create an action plan for improving all areas of your life, and confidently make this your best year ever.

The Best Project for Creating The Lasting Confidence You’ve Always Wanted"

Confidence is proven to reduce stress and anxiety and also improve one's ability to think clearly and make everyday decisions. This confidence course is designed to teach you the tools that will get you to begin improving your outlook on life to reach a higher level of self satisfaction.  
learn to love yourself from the inside out in order TO GET THE LIFE YOU WANT and the life you deserve. CREATE MOMENTUM TO BECOME UNSTOPPABLE! 

Confidentially achieve new goals every week in your mind and body. 

Workouts laid out for you, there's no guessing game. 

Work alongside like-minded individuals

Private facebook group for members only. All working towards the same goal at the same time. 

Deal with self-doubt and develop healthy habits that will last. 

Become confident and learn to live authentically.
Are you ready to change your life and reclaim your self-confidence?
in order to live the life you have always dreamed of..the life you deserve.
Take a look at some of the benefits inside...
Once you get access into the Fit Freedom Project, it is yours for life! You are able to start anytime you want and keep going back anytime you need. 
Weekly Guidance for 6 weeks. We're here for you if you need anything during your 6 week transformation! 
You Grow
Grow dramatically in 30 minutes each day and watch as you create lasting confidence in every area of your life.
Through our private facebook group, you'll experience what it's like to be part of a community of like-minded people all going towards the same goal of a more free and confident life. Not to mention the bonus workouts, recipes, and Facebook Lives weekly. 
Access to workout videos that not only demonstrate how to do the exercise but will be trained through voice over and timed for you. Taking away the stress and confusion of planning workouts, leaving you to focus on your results. 
WITH OVER 10 years of professional fitness experience - don't just take our word for it...
praise from clients
 Create LASTing CHANGE
Here’s exactly what you’ll experience in the 6-week guided training ONLINE course
Module 1: Knowing And Understanding Yourself

 - Discover the secret to finding yourself
 - Finding out what my journal teaches me about myself 
 - Learn to increase self-love and understanding by journaling your life
 - Top 10 ways to develop self-awareness

Module 2: Master Your Mindset

- Give your self-esteem a boost and think more highly of yourself
- Learn about the steps you can take to overcome low confidence & a negative mindset
- All About Confidence & Where It Comes From
- Affirmations 
- Releasing The Past   
Module 3: Developing Healthy Habits That Last

- 9 success habits
- How to break negative habits 
- How to create new habits 
- How to finally make exercise a habit
- Procrastinate no more and create the life you want

Module 4: Learning to Love Yourself

- 8 ways to love yourself and live the life you want
- Personal stories on my journey to loving myself 
- Self authority - Believing in yourself 
- 7 tips to get your mind on your side
- Loving your physically, emotional, and spiritual self 
- The flaw of comparing yourself to others 
Module 5: Discover Your Passions And Live With Purpose

 - How finding your passion can improve your life
 - 15 questions to ask yourself to discover your true passions
 - Turn your dreams into action worksheet
Module 6: The Journey to Finding Your Freedom & Living Authentically

 - Make your purpose a part of your life 
 - Developing the courage to live free 
 - What would you do with unlimited resources? 
 - New ideas for discovering your life's purpose
 - Setting your life priorities 
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  • Not for you if: You're not willing to put in the work.
  • Not for you if: You don't want to gain confidence and change your mind and body. 
  • Not for you if: You're not ready to commit. 
 don't just take our word for it...
Here's a quick REVIEW OF WHAT YOU'll RECEIVE...
  • 3o Follow Along Workout Videos: personal trained and timed for your connivence. 30 minutes and no equipment needed! 
  • 5 Bonus Workouts 
  • Weekly Lessons: 6 modules to overcome fear and live the life you want 
  • Private Members Only Facebook Group: a place for us all to work together towards one goal, sharing accountability each day, weekly recipes, tips, bonus workouts and much more! 
  • Bonus Warm Up and Cool Down Videos
  • ​Bonus Fast Start Guide: Developing the Confidence To Go After Your Dreams
  • ​Bonus: One free 20 minute coaching call

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